ANTISA EIXAMPLE SL specializes in advisory services and management of individuals and businesses company, which was founded in 2008 when its founding members, with over twenty years of individual experience in the legal, labor and tax management, decide to join knowledge and effort to give their customers the comprehensive service they demand, always accompanying them personally in the process of attention to their needs and projects achieving.

Vocation of service, honesty, privacy, tenacity and enthusiasm are the highest in our work. We get involved in the projects of our clients and they are our greatest encouragement, who push us to continue growing and improving, and of course, our best national benchmark, and now international, having expanded our services at the request of many Venezuelans citizens who we already work, which have allowed us to acquire the necessary experience to serve them with maximum efficiency, and ask us to broaden the means to reach other many people, who, like them, need a confidence help to their side. We can not, therefore, but to thank all our customers, without distinction, to trust us, and we hope to reach many others who also may need by providing the opportunity to do it.
Antisa Eixample - Empresa